Report Abuse Policy

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Zeeshsoft do everything to avoid misuse and violation of laws by hosting provider who use its service, customer portals, automated system emails, web payment sites and booking sites. Although, the lots of contents are transferred and managed by users, whereas, Zeeshsoft doesn’t involved in all over the content which is uploaded and displayed and also Zeeshsoft hasn’t control to deal with all emails which is directed by the system. 

You can complaint if you find any content which is uploaded by the user to a Zeeshsoft website, or if you get any email from a Zeeshsoft server which is sent by the Zeeshsoft , or any other infringement of Zeeshsoft Acceptable Use Policy, please informed to Zeeshsoft, so it can be solved quickly.


To Report SPAM generated by a Zeeshsoft server 

Send an email to which consist the following detail: 
• In the email subject line “SPAM Abuse Report” 
• Write your complete name and company name 
• Mailing address 
• Email address 
• Your cell number which you use in working hours 
• Attach a copy of email which you believe to be spam so it can be easily scrutinize.

Send a report if it impersonation on a Zeeshsoft website or hosted page: 

If you are sure that Zeeshsoft customer portal, web payment page or booking page website is illegally used which impact on your company or another way it describe improperly itself and it shows certified representative of your company, then please send an email to which include the following detail: 
• Send “Impersonation Abuse Report” 
• Your complete name and title 
• Mailing address 
• Email address 
Your email address 
• Your cell number which you use in working hours 
• The URL(s) of the page or pages you believe to contain fraudulent or unauthorized information 
• A clear report that why you are believe the noted pages are represent impersonation on your company


To Report Trademark / Copyright Infringement on a Booking Page Website or Web Payment Page hosted by Zeeshsoft: 

(You can also send your complaint to an email but Zeeshsoft should be get a signed complaint to take action on it, and will easily solved the Trademark / Copyright matter.) 

Your complaint must contain: 

• your complete name and company name 

• Mailing address 

• Email address 

• Your cell number which you use in working hours 

• A page URL which you believe to be violating your Trademark / Copyright 

• The Name of the Company which reportedly infringing the Trademark / Copyright ( or the website name which showed on the Zeeshsoft hosted pages for the alleged violation) 

• A clear description of how and why you sure that your Trademark / Copyright property has been infringed. This may consist of: 

• Any trademarks or tradenames possess USPTO registration numbers, you believe are being infringed upon 

• URL for your web pages that you sure it has been duplicate (or you are sure elements from have been duplicated) without any approval. 

• Any evidence of ownership for content, you sure is being violated. 

• Please specify the date on which the user has infringement. 

• The Following testimony language: 

• By submitting this notice, I declare that I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted/trademarked content described above, in the complaint matter, is not authorized by the copyright/trademark owner, it’s agent, or the law. I also declare the information in this notice is accurate. And, I declare under penalty of perjury, that I am the owner, or authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the exclusive copyright/trademark that is allegedly infringed. 

• the letter must be signed by the copyright /trademark owner, or an authorized agent of the copyright /trademark owner.