Full-Cycle VoD Platform Development

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Tap into our cross-domain competencies and multi-year experience in software development to solve your most complex business problems. Build customer-focused solutions to reach new markets and achieve measurable business results across multiple verticals.

The 5 S’s of Successful VoD Platform Development

Single partner

Tap into Oxagile’s long-honed expertise in online video development to cover the entire VoD workflow with only one technology.

Simplified workflows

Enable content creators and administrators to upload as many videos as they want — in whatever format and of whatever size —— and to manage them in a single system.

Secure content

Protect your licensed content — whether commercial or not — from theft and unauthorized access with the help of DRM, encryption, access control, watermarking, content protection, and more.


Embrace a multi-CDN approach to quickly scale video delivery to a virtually infinite number of viewers distributed all over the globe.

Stellar analytics

Get real-time insights into video performance and viewer behavior, and use this data to achieve the highest possible quality of experience (QoE) and service (QoS)

Fully Customizable Player

Implement a fast and highly customizable video player that will tame the diversity of devices and formats as well as enable top-notch capabilities, such as multi-bitrate streaming, DRM, advertising, viewership data analytics, VR, and 360° video playback. Control every bit of your player’s look and feel, including branding, size, color, fonts, and buttons.

Personalized Viewer Experiences

Introduce a new level of engagement beyond quality content, intuitive interfaces, and advanced discovery tools. Leverage personalized recommendations, binge-watching features, and more to offer experiences tailored to each viewer based on their specific interests — tracked and analyzed across devices and platforms.

Multi-Screen Delivery

Take full advantage of the smart transcoding and adaptive bitrate technologies to transform your video into various formats and deliver the best viewer experience on any device. Ensure uninterrupted playback by optimizing the output video files based on the viewer’s changing connection speed and device capabilities.

360-Degree Integration

Make the most of your video investment through a successful marriage of your VoD solution with the existing enterprise systems, such as CMS, MAP, CRM, or LMS. Use these integrations, whether out-of-the-box or custom, to align your video delivery with the company’s marketing, sales, training, and other workflows.

Monetization Models for Your VoD Platform

Advertising (AVOD)

Deliver pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll commercials with the help of programmatic advertising and integration with SSPs, ad networks, or your own ad server. Tap into server-side (SSAI) or client-side (CSAI) ad insertion to bypass blockers and smoothly serve ads on all devices.

Subscriptions (SVOD)

Offer multiple pricing options and promotional incentives, manage your subscribers, and use analytics to ensure retention and growth. Integrate your VoD platform with popular payment solutions or use your own gateway. Experiment and test regularly to find out what works best for your content and audiences.


Transactions (TVOD)

Provide content for sale and rental, charging viewers based on quality and viewing period. Enable both watching videos on the website and downloading them for offline viewing, and protect your premium content with the help of DRM solutions, such as Widevine, PlayReady, and FairPlay.